Description: Brownish-gray in color with dark patch-like markings on its sides.

Where Most Often Found: Both offshore and near-shore. Larger Gags usually migrate further offshore during the summer time and move closer inshore during the cooler months.

Feeding Habits: Feeds best on live bait (Pin-fish, Cigar Minnows, Croakers, Grunts and Squirrel-fish)/ Also feeds on dead bait (Spanish Sardines, Thread-fin and Finger Mullet) squid and crustaceans.

Size Range: From 10-60 lbs.

Bag Limit/ Size Limit: 2 Gag Grouper per person per day. Gag and Black Grouper must be 22 inches in overall length in order to keep. Total bag limit for any species of Grouper is 4 per person per day.

Food Grade: Outstanding table fare. One of the most sought after eating fish in the Gulf of Mexico. Fillets are white and flaky when cooked. Very light fish taste. Found on most menus of Florida seafood restaurants.