Description: The Hogfish is known for its long pig-like snout and protrusive jaws the thick lips and strong canine teeth. The first 3 spines of the dorsal fin, as well as the upper and lower tips of the caudal fin, are extended into long filaments. Color is highly variable and changes with size. The scales on the back are often edged in yellow and there is a dark spot at the rear base of the dorsal fin.

Where Most Often Found: Hard bottom areas, coral reefs, rocky ledges and wrecks. It is a favorite among spear-fishers.

Feeding Habits: Hogfish are picky feeders. Best bait to use for this species is live shrimp and small crustaceans.

Size Range: Average size typically ranges between 2 to 5 lbs.

Bag Limit/ Size Limit: 5 per person per day. Must be a total of 12 inches in total length in order to keep.

Food Grade: Excellent table fare. Fillets are white and flaky when cooked. Very light fish taste.