Description: Brownish red in color with the lining of the mouth scarlet-orange and blotches on sides of the body in an unorganized pattern.

Where Most Often Found: Juveniles along with adults, older than 6 years of age, are found offshore as bottom dwellers associated with the hard bottom. Red Grouper younger than 6 years of age occupy near-shore refs and wrecks.

Feeding Habits: Feeds best on live bait (Pin-fish, Cigar Minnows, Croakers, Grunts and Squirrel-fish)/ Also feeds on dead bait (Spanish Sardines, Thread-fin and Finger Mullet) squid and crustaceans.

Size Range: From 10-60 lbs.

Bag Limit/ Size Limit: 4 Red Grouper per day. Can be combined with Gag, Black or Red Grouper however the total bag limit on any Grouper species is 4 per person per day. Red Grouper must 20 inches in total overall length in order to keep.

Food Grade: Outstanding table fare. Fillets are flaky white when cooked. Very light fish taste. Can be found on the menus of most of Florida's seafood restaurants. (Expensive)