Description: Color is reddish pink over entire body. Lower portion of the body is off-white. Fierce biters and fighters (if hooked, will dive immediately for cover in a hole, the reef, or a wreck). Puts up a strong fight from hook set to gaff.

Where Most Often Found: Offshore in deeper water. Hard bottom, rock piles, wrecks and potholes. Some can be found near shore.

Feeding Habits: Feeds best on dead bait (Spanish Sardines, Thread-fin and Finger Mullet) squid and crustaceans. Also feeds on live bait ( small Pin-fish, or Cigar Minnows)

Size Range: Adults may live more than 20 years and can attain a weights up to 25 lbs. Average weights are between 1-4 lbs.

Bag Limit/ Size Limit: 4 per person per day. (as part of a 10 per day limit on all Snapper species combined). Must be a total of 16 inches in total length in order to keep.

Food Grade: Outstanding table fare. Fillets are white and flaky when cooked. Very light fish taste with a sweet flavor.